The friends-and-family special: Get your traffic violations dismissed

The case against a judge centers on Jason Pollard, a court clerk whose briefcase was discovered to contain roughly 90 citations forĀ traffic violations, all of them the same citations both Pollard and the judge handled.

As the News-Record reports, Pollard testified that at the end of the day – with no defendants and no attorneys present in court – Pollard would hand citations to the judge and she would dispose of them, waiving court costs, entering favorable judgments. This was apparently done for friends and family.

The judge, on the other hand, testified that she “gave breaks to people she felt deserved it,” according to the News-Record. “It’s not ‘The Price is Right’ kind of thing,” she said.

And Chief District Judge William Reingold came to her defense. “I’ve watched this woman tirelessly give and give and give,” he said.

Despite Reingold’s observations, as well as her apparent good intentions – she thought it would be tough for people to pay the fines associated with traffic violations, for example – it’s clear that this judge has a lot to lose, including her job, if she is found guilty of the ethics violations with which she’s been charged.

Don’t think you’ll be so lucky if you rack up a number of traffic citations. Hire a traffic court lawyer to get the job done for you.

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