Wal-Mart Sued in Slip-And-Fall Case

Wal-Mart is facing a $2 million slip-and-fall lawsuit filed by a Louisiana man. In the suit, the man is asking for $2 million in damages for medical expenses, physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, disability, loss of enjoyment of life, interest and court costs. A jury trial has been requested in the case. It will be heard by a U.S. District judge in California.
In the suit, Wal-Mart is accused of failing to maintain safe passage for business invitees, failing to inspect the aisles for dangerous conditions, failing to warn business invitees of impending danger, and allowing a dangerous substance to remain in the aisles. Wal-Mart reports 1,000 customer injuries a day because of either a slip-and-fall or falling merchandise, according to an article about property owner’s responsibility in slip and fall accidents published by Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. The company is the world’s largest retailer of low cost and high volumes products.
Slip-and-fall cases fall into a subset of personal injury lawsuits, or torts, which includes other incidents such as traffic accidents and dog bites. Like all personal injury suits, slip-and-fall cases are very involved and can take years before they are heard in court. Each state has specific guidelines for when a suit can be filed. Few personal injury or slip-and-fall cases actually make it all the way to trial, those that do require an experienced attorney, like Davie injury attorneys. At any point in time during the case, up until the point a jury announces its decision, the defense may offer to settle the case with the plaintiff.

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